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Date: 2014-09-17 20:42
Subject: Catching Up, Maybe
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Oh my goodness what a pile of days it’s been.

This is the point in wedding-planning where all the things we thought were settled become unsettled; and everything* we hadn’t even thought of becomes apparent and needs to be dealt with at once; and people make casual suggestions that unravel the best-laid plans; and every single thing becomes 50% more expensive.

So we went to California for a few days, and saw my folks, which was marvelous–they are SO helpful and smart. We actually sat down one evening and just talked through the whole wedding, minute by minute: who sits where and does what, when, with whom, for how long…VERY useful. So that was good.

And I found a very adorable cake-topper couple! Yes, I know I’m a dork, but I love these guys. They’re so serious, and I love how they look totally different from different angles, in different light.
Toppers Stoic
Hopeful couple is hopeful

And we got our marriage license, even taking an oath and everything. So that’s all good.

But then…complications ensued. The place where we’d been planning to have a post-wedding brunch has been…kinda flaky, about a number of things. So we began hunting up a different place. And apparently it’s a holiday weekend (who knew?).

Toppers Vexed
Vexed couple is vexed

And the catering is going to be rather more expensive than what was originally discussed, because, I don’t know. Reasons. It’s all still unclear. Maybe it won’t be as much more expensive. But who can say? It’s one of the mysteries of the universe.

Toppers Moody
Sad couple is sad

And a good friend who is also a florist and had offered to provide dahlias from her vast fields of dahlias, as a gift…well, apparently there’s been a dahlia blight this year, and all her fields are lost, cut to the ground.

Toppers Depressed
Depressed couple is depressed

There was actually a point, by the end of the weekend, when we were seriously considering trying to move the entire event to a different venue, because of the skyrocketing costs and complications involved in trying to essentially build a restaurant in a barn. But, turns out you can’t exactly relocate a party of several hundred people in something under a month, on a holiday weekend, in a tourist-destination place…so, we’re staying. And trying to make it work.

But all that meant that we got a super-late start getting home, and so therefore we stayed an extra night on the road, and only got home yesterday afternoon…so we’re both just trying to play catch-up here.

Which is going along! I got my first batch of Uncanny submissions, and reviewed them, and rejected some and sent some along to the Deciding Editors, which was fun; and the Kickstarter project Mark did art for is now live, you should rush over there and send them some money! :-) And a jillion other little things are moving forward. You know, like laundry and freelance work and all. And I harvested great piles of tomatoes, and we found a zucchini that had to have been overlooked before we left, because surely, zucchinis cannot grow that big in five days.

And I know there must be a dozen more things I’m forgetting, but that will only get worse till the wedding, so oh well! Perhaps you will forgive me.

*No, even I don’t believe it’s EVERYTHING. There will be more. Oh yes, there will be.

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Date: 2014-09-16 22:53
Subject: I Know I Know
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Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:home, mark, sleep, travel, wedding
Yes I haven't posted in days and I'm not really posting now except here's this. We're back from our wedding planning trip, which took longer than expected and involved more complications than expected, and I will tell you all about that tomorrow. I hope. Don't worry, it's all fine, except chaotic, and we're HOME, yay! And that's what really matters.

Here's a picture of Karen B's dog.
Little White Dog

Now I have to go to sleep. In MY OWN BED.
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Date: 2014-09-10 22:04
Subject: Many Are The Things
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Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:garden, mark, oloti, travel, wedding

Well! It’s been a day of much busy and many things to report.

First of all! My ARC has arrived, of Our Lady of the Islands, and lo, it is gorgeous!

I mean just look at it! It’s a real book! Hefty, too.

Somehow, this makes it all seem just that much more real. And so I have been spending much time organizing Events surrounding the book’s release. Stay tuned for details!

Secondly, some of you may know that Mark has been working day and night for the last few weeks, creating background art for a new game. The Kickstarter for this game will be going live next week (and I will give you the link then, you can be sure!)–it’s called E M I L Y, and the company is Pixel Worm. And the art is GORGEOUS, and here are a few screenshots of it:
Exit Landing Lab Pipe Well

And nextly, we’re heading to California tomorrow, for a last bit of wedding-planning, including getting the actual marriage license. And other stuff.

Oh and the garden continues to be fascinating. Why, just this week, we’ve got new flowers blooming in a basket on the front porch. I love flowers: their delicate innocence, their subtle beauty, their…yeah.
Vineflower 1 Vineflower 2

And that’s only all the things I can tell you about. There were about fourteen other things today, which I will tell you about soon!

La! It crossposted, after only two tries! :-)

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Date: 2014-09-08 20:21
Subject: Uncanny Space Unicorn
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Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:editing, slush, uncanny
I learned this morning that I've been accepted into the cadre of Space Unicorns for Uncanny Magazine--launching later this week--as a Submissions Editor.

The impolite term for this position, if you don't know, is slush reader. :-)

But I've read, er, open submissions before, and I know that there are jewels--JEWELS!--in the flood. (not to mix metaphors or anything) The anthology I edited is composed entirely of open submissions. And it's pretty awesome.

So...send in your stories, everyone! Guidelines go up very very soon. I'm excited!

and this durn thing is STILL not cross-posting from my blog...grr...must figure out why....
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Date: 2014-09-05 20:52
Subject: Food Thing
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Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:food, friends, mark
So: this is a thing, let me tell you: Sweet tomatillos!
Sweet Tomatillos

desperance, did you know about this?

You pick the pinkest ones (yes, they continue to ripen there in the bowl), and you coax them out of their paper, and you eat them, and they are SO GOOOOOOOOD, and sweet, and crunchy-juicy, and unlike anything else ever.
Sweet Tomatillo

Mark found them at this farmer's market the other day, for a dollar--he also found the farmer's market, one we hadn't known about--one day a week, and we will certainly be back.

In other news: there is no other news. It's Friday night, and it's been quite a week, and that's all you need to know about that.

But no: there is other news, and that's that LiveJournal refused to crosspost four times, and then blocked me from crossposting because of login errors, and I AM logged in, and phooey on you, LiveJournal, please stop dying.
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Date: 2014-09-04 23:00
Subject: Listen
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Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:audiobook, per aspera, queen and tower

Do you like to have stories read to you? Sure you do. It’s a cozy and comfortable thing. Sometimes Mark reads to me, and it’s so cozy and comfortable, I often fall asleep.

Wait. That’s not where I meant to go. I’m just terrible at this promo stuff.

What I’m trying to tell you is that Audible is going to make an audiobook of The Queen and The Tower–the first book in my Nightcraft Quartet. Which is so incredibly awesome!!! It’s a first-person narrator with a strong voice; I think it will make a super enjoyable listen. I’ve read sections of the book at conventions and such, and audiences always just love it.

You’re going to have to wait a bit, though–I’m still editing the book. We’d hoped to have it out later this year, but Our Lady of the Islands took precedence, for very good and reasonable reasons, so I put Q&T aside. Now Our Lady is all done and in production, and will be out in early December…Q&T will come next year.

But this is the novel I’ve been working on–off and on, with a LOT of off–for years and years now. This is the story of Callie–Calendula Isadora–a young witch trying to make a life in modern-day San Francisco. This is the novel I had an agent for, many moons ago; fortunately (I now see), she wasn’t able to sell it, because it wasn’t ready. What you will eventually read is leaps and bounds better than what it was then.

I’m working on it now–slowly, but definitely. Life is interrupting a lot; planning a wedding takes a lot of bandwidth! But I’m moving forward. And in a month, or two, I’ll have a good draft to send to Brilliant Editor Jak; and some time after that, we’ll have a final version to hand over to Audible, and then they’ll find an awesome narrator, and then maybe, if you like that kind of thing, someone will read you my story.

Which is, I have to say, the coolest thing. You know? :-)

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Date: 2014-09-01 21:46
Subject: The Sound of Crickets
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Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:fishes precious, food, friends, home

Ahh, I actually hear the sound of crickets. Because I’m sitting here, downstairs at my computer, doors and windows open to let in the cool, comfortable evening air. No one else is in the room. No one else is even downstairs.

Chirp, chirp. So peaceful.

Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed all our company over the last few weeks here. But….wow, that was a lot of people coming through this house. A lot of cooking, and eating, and drinking, and socializing. A lot of staying up too late, and falling behind on things. A lot of noise-and-busy, which wears me out. (We even had two toddlers here at one point. Oh my goodness, is this house not toddler-proof!)

Chirp, chirp, chirp.


In other buggish news, a ladybug came in and wanted to read my manuscript, but I had to tell her it’s not ready for review yet.

And the other day, we found a katydid walking across the top of the aquarium.
Katydid 1

The fish were very interested.
Katydid 2

Good thing the aquarium has a lid. Ms. Bug could have carried off handfuls of those fish, had she been so inclined.

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Date: 2014-08-28 21:08
Subject: Publication Day!
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Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:editing, per aspera, reading

It’s publication day for Being Small–the first book I’ve edited for Per Aspera Press!

Here’s the press release.

Go forth and buy this amazing book and read it! It’s gorgeous, and smart, and delightful, and it isn’t even very long, so you can totally read it, even if you’re like busy and stuff.

Yay book day! Yay for brilliant authors agreeing to let me edit them! :-)

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Date: 2014-08-26 22:09
Subject: This We Did Not Need
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:bike, mark, money

Despite all the busy and the too-much-social, we are trying very hard to get/stay in shape. So yesterday we rode our bikes to the gym, as we do.

And when we came back out, not quite an hour later…Mark’s bicycle had been stolen.

They cut through a supposedly-unbreakable lock (a $99 lock) and left it lying on the ground in two pieces, and no bike. In broad daylight, mid-afternoon, in front of the giant plate glass windows right by the gym’s front desk. Oh and with security guards right nearby.

Fortunately (I guess), they left my bike, which, though I love it very much, is an old cheap beater. So I could ride home and get the car and go back and pick Mark up.

He went to the bike store today and showed them the lock…they were gobsmacked, they’d never seen one of those locks broken before.

So he’s ordered a new bike, which should be here next week, and which represents a giant pile of money we don’t have to spend on such things. I did talk to my homeowners insurance company, but, since we’re not yet married, it’s not covered. And, even if it were covered, probably we wouldn’t want to make a claim, because of the deductible, and the fact that I’d lose my discounts, because of filing a claim.


This, on top of the pernicious virus attack last week…the world feels like an abusive and evil and dangerous place, full of predators and assholes and monsters, and like no matter how hard you work to stay afloat, to keep up, something is always there to try to rip you off and knock you down.

It’s frustrating, I tell you. Assholes. May they have boils in private places, and canker sores which do not heal.

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Date: 2014-08-25 08:28
Subject: All The Social
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Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:friends, home, introvert

Apparently, the end of August is the time when All The People want to visit Portland. (And I can hardly blame them: it is very lovely here now.) We had houseguests last night (to whom we are about to serve breakfast). We have a different set of houseguests coming tonight, and then yet more next weekend, when we will also have other out-of-towners visiting but not staying here. I’ve gotten several last-minute home-exchange requests. Had to turn those down, but fortunately our temporary roommate is out of town, so we’ve been able to say yes to all these guests!

Good thing we’ve got bed-and-breakfast innkeeping experience. :-)

Speaking of which: I am still taking care of my friend H’s B&B this month, while she is away. All the guests have gone, but there is still watering/weeding/general overseeing to do.

So yeah, I’ve changed a lot of beds and scrubbed a lot of toilets recently.

But the socializing! It’s not just the out-of-towners. We went bike riding with Alex & Claude yesterday, in the Hawthorne Sunday Parkways, then played cards; we’re hosting book group tomorrow; a dear friend I don’t see enough of comes Wednesday; dinner party this coming Friday; the back-fence neighbors came over last Friday, and we went to the across-the-street neighbors’ the following night.

It’s a lot for an introvert. I’m going to need to pull back a little soon, or I won’t have anything left for the wedding. (Not to mention I won’t fit into my dress.)

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Date: 2014-08-21 21:29
Subject: Garden Bounty, Part XVIII
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Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:editing, facebook, garden, home, mark, per aspera, queen and tower, sleep, yoga

Remember how we had this nice windowseat in the greenhouse, for lying-upon and whatnot?
Greenhouse Windowseat

Well the Brandywine tomato has…grown.
Brandywine Takes Over

Mark did manage to sit on the bench today though!
Sittin' on the Bench


Despite all that stems-and-leaves business, there are only two actual Brandywine tomatoes underway: small and green. Lots of flowers.

Fortunately, the Celebrity, Chef’s Choice and Sungold tomatoes have MORE than stepped up. YUM YUM YUM

In other news: today I paused on my forward progress of editing Q&T, to let Mark catch up (because his feedback is invaluable). Instead, I had one of those amazing to-do-list-devouring days (I even actually made a new to-do list, I was so awesome). Getting up at 6am really makes for a lot of productive day….so the Subaru’s oil is changed and the Miata is washed and a TON of Per Aspera editing/admin work is done and a Sekrit Submission is more than half-read and yoga and gardening were done and I even remembered to put a dorky picture of me and my brother on Facebook for Throwback Thursday. Go me!

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Date: 2014-08-20 22:08
Subject: This and That
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:bike, book group, exercise, mark, queen and tower, reading

I’m the one who needs a new computer (my MacBook Pro is coming up on 5 years old, and that’s…old), but Mark is the one who got a particularly pernicious virus today. I mean his computer did.

It was actually very hateful–it got in through Skype, masquerading as an update; and came complete with a fake “support” number to call, after it messed up his browser. Which he did call, and thought he was talking to a real support person, until the person started telling him how much the support call was going to cost, even before buying the antivirus software…

He hung up on them and went to the Microsoft store with the computer (and the phone number) and got it all straightened out, but–there went that day, productivity-wise.

Until that, we’d been doing all right! I’m making progress on Q&T, and he’s got an illustration job that’s actually very cool, and I will be telling you about it in a few weeks. It’s a LOT of work, though; a wasted day is bad news.

Exercise is marching along. I have now decided that special padded bike shorts cause greater troubles than they address, so I’m back to normal shorts. I have enough of my own padding, ahem.

And our book group is reading Winter’s Tale, which is lovely, but loooooong! I can’t really complain; it was Mark and me who suggested it–and the meeting is here, next week–but wow, I’ve been pecking away at the book for weeks, and need to step it up.

I’m still waking up super early, but haven’t managed to establish the habit of morning blogging. What I’ve been doing is diving right into Q&T revisions, which is what I’m really supposed to be doing with my time, so I guess that’s all right.

Now to go read…and zzz….

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Date: 2014-08-17 20:04
Subject: Weekend?
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:food, garden, mark, queen and tower, swimming, worldcon

I slept in till nearly 7 this morning! Wow! And then we took off to the gym, nice and early. So morning blogging didn’t happen.

Heck, I don’t know what my schedule is. I’m just making it up as I go along. How about early-evening blogging? While Mark makes dinner? Sure, let’s try that.

At! Long! Last! Our morning glories are blooming.
Morning Glory at Last!

Grew these from seeds from Mom & Stepdad; healthy tall vines sprouted almost at once, and climbed to the top of the greenhouse (from the ground one floor below), but…no buds. No blooms. Till now!

Lots of buds now. This should be fabulous.

Also, one of our matilija poppies is putting up a bud!
Matilija Poppy Bud

We just planted them this year, and they (well, their cousins) bloomed in California months ago, so we figured it would be next year, but–there it is!

(Here’s a photo from the internet of what the flowers look like:
Internet poppy
Like a big fried egg!)

So that’s the news from the garden.

The rest of the day was filled with: working on Q&T; checking the Twitter stream for news of the Hugos, then finally just giving up and watching the Hugos live-streamed (imperfectly, but hey) from London (congrats Ellen and Kameron and Charlie and Mary Robinette and everyone!!); then working on Q&T; then going over to my friend H’s bed & breakfast to do a room clean (she’s away this month, but has a few non-breakfast guests; I am being Substitute Innkeeper for her); then finally working enough more on Q&T that I actually finished a chapter. Woohoo!

And the rumor is that there will be dinner soon. Double woohoo!

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Date: 2014-08-15 10:37
Subject: More Garden Bounty
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:food, garden, home

I had a delicious Asian pear for my afternoon snack yesterday.
Yum Asian Pear

And there’s plenty more where that came from!
More Asian Pears

I think the next step is to resurrect the “countertop ice cream” making from previous summers. Asian pear was the perfect base for those; then I’d add any kind of flavorings–jams, liqueurs, botanicals–quick-freeze, and enjoy! Might try that tonight.

Also, last night, we finally gave up on that monster pepper turning anything but green (despite what the label says) and harvested it. It got kind of mutant.
Mutant Pepper
And that weird bit at the end is where it was apparently trying to grow back into the soil.

It was…kind of innocuous. Not hot at all; in fact, really not very much flavor of any kind. We chopped it small and put (some of) it into a chutney that went over pork loin. THAT was yummy.

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Date: 2014-08-14 07:03
Subject: Trying Something Different
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:food, garden, home, mark, queen and tower, sleep

I seem to be waking up earlier all of a sudden. And, in an astonishing coincidence, falling asleep earlier. In part, it was deliberate–Mark has a much earlier natural sleep schedule than me, and we were getting rather out of sync, so I was trying to shift it.* But mostly it’s just sort of happening.

I also seem to find myself too tired to blog at night, as I’ve done for years. So, hey, here’s a morning blog entry!

I started work on editing/revising Queen & Tower a few days ago. I’m relieved to say it’s going very well! I had put this project aside for so long, I’d quite lost touch with it; but I reread everything I’d polished so far (three chapters), and I like it. Now that my head is back in that story, I should be able to move reasonably well through it.

The publisher is tired of waiting for it; I have a new deadline of the end of September. I can do it!

And I will have something else to tell you about this book soon. A good thing. :-)

In other news: it is the time of garden bounty.
Garden Bounty and Gardener
I have had such trouble with zucchini before (I know, right?)–the fruit would start and then die on the vine after a few days. Whatever the problem was, it’s not happening any more. Yay!

Plus beets! We ate that first batch last night (the greens too), they were yummy!

Not pictured: a wealth of Sungold cherry tomatoes; the beginnings of wealth of Celebrity tomatoes; delicious little eggplant; more Asian pears than you can shake a stick at; a very large sweet pepper that we were kind of thinking was supposed to turn red, but it hasn’t, after quite some time, so maybe we’ll just eat it anyway?

*Ironically, Mark’s still asleep as of this writing, but he’s usually up for at least an hour by now.

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Date: 2014-08-12 14:13
Subject: I Have Something To Show You
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:editing, friends, per aspera

You know I am an editor too, as well as being a writer. The editor-part of me is newer, but no less exciting…especially when I can tell you about the magnificent books that I get to acquire!

Here is one of them.
(cover art before all the type got put on, being as how I know the artist and all)

It is a marvelous little tale, dark and creepy, by one of my favorite writers, and favorite people: our own desperance. I am so honored and delighted that he sent it to me, to be my debut offering as a Per Aspera editor!

It’s coming out on August 28. You can already order it on Barnes & Noble; Amazon should be coming along any day now.

Oh and look: Mrissa said nice things about it! I am in agreement with her: horror is not usually my thing either, but this book…is. It’s lovely and quiet, gorgeously written (of course, it’s Chaz); it sneaks up on you. And you should just read it. That’s all I’m saying.

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Date: 2014-08-10 21:20
Subject: We Survived
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:bike, mark, weather

We rode All Those Miles today, and actually enjoyed ourselves! In fact, it was a little surprising. We’d psyched ourselves up (or out) so thoroughly, and prepared, and all…we found ourselves on the ride going, Wow, are we at this bridge already? Are we DONE already?

10 Bridges
The biggest surprise was the approach to St. John’s. It’s a looooooong, fairly steep upslope. We’d totally given ourselves permission to walk it if we needed to (though we both rode it last year). So today, we shifted into low gears, and…way sooner than expected, we were at the top.

We finished the whole 10 bridges in less than 4 hours. Last year, I think it took us nearly 5 hours to do 8 bridges (well, we were also trying to stay together with a group).
Finish Line

Speaking of staying together: though we were only us two this year, one thing we did learn last year was that it helps to have distinctive costuming and/or headgear. When you’ve got thousands of people dressed in bike clothes riding bikes and wearing bike helmets, it becomes REAL easy to lose track of the people you’re with.

So we were at the party store yesterday doing wedding-stuff, and found some interesting headgear. And of course, I had to buy tights there too.
Dorks on Bikes

Because otherwise how would Mark be able to find me?
S on Fremont Bridge

It was a GORGEOUS day. Last year was kinda overcast; this year was sunny and beautiful. It got quite hot, but not till we were done with the ride.

And when the ride finishes, you’re right at “The Bite,” a food festival. And beer. (Well, wine too, but the day was too hot for such things.) So we ate a few things. And then a few more things. And let me tell you, a good cold beer after a ride like that…Heaven.

Now we’re about ready to fall over from exhaustion. As surprisingly easy as the ride was, it was still quite a lot–and, neither of us slept all that well last night, or the night before. We had to get up SO EARLY this morning, I spent the whole night alternately fretting about missing the alarm and dreaming about missing the alarm. Sheesh.

But hey! It was so much fun, and we did it!

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Date: 2014-08-09 22:34
Subject: BIG Ride Tomorrow
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:bike, books, shopping, swimming

So it turns out tomorrow’s ride may be bigger than ever…it’s 33 miles, and we did 40 miles on Thursday, when we went to Boring; but, we have to ride 4 miles to get to the starting line, and then of course 4 more miles to get home after the finish line; so, because math, um, 33 plus 4 is 37 and 37 plus 4 is, um, 41, which is, if I’m remembering correctly from when I learned such things, more than 40.


But! We are ready. As ready as we’re going to get, anyway. Friday we did no exercise, because resting; today we got up early and rode bikes to the gym, where I had a truncated swim, due to a water-aerobics class which demanded the whole pool. Kind of creepily, actually; all the students ever so slowly encroach upon the final lagging lap-swimmer*, in a stately line, as they take out the lane-dividers. Bobbing up and down in the water. Closer, closer, closer….every time you turn your head, they’re not apparently moving…just, closer.


Also we did a big Costco-shopping, and I spent the last of a Christmas gift card at Barnes & Noble:
Authority Thieves
–though I had a hard time finding the VanderMeer, as it was–bizarrely–shelved in the “general fiction” section. Maybe because it’s a fancy lit publisher, I don’t know. But, really, B&N. Seriously, I would have not have shopped there if it hadn’t been, well, free. Give me Powell’s any day!

Anyway. I think perhaps I should go to sleep! Tomorrow at 6am is going to arrive VERY EARLY.

Report and pics to come! When we recover.


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Date: 2014-08-07 22:16
Subject: Totally Boring Ride
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:bike, exercise, mark, weather

Well, we did it: we rode our bikes all the way out the Springwater Corridor Trail today, to Boring, Oregon!

Welcome to Boring Oregon

It was a lovely ride; something just over 42 miles, I think. Oddly, the hardest part was in the middle. The trail feels flat, but it must be a verrrrrrrry slight incline in the eastbound direction, because about two miles shy of Boring, I was ready to drop, and couldn’t imagine how we were going to get ALL THE WAY back home again. But then the return trip wasn’t bad at all.

Of course, we paused for lunch in the middle there, in a…well, boring little park, I have to say.
Boring Park

On the way home, we stopped and ate so many wild blackberries oh my god. Also, once we got back to town, we stopped at a puppet museum, and watched the proprietor and some confederates rehearse an upcoming puppet show for a while. Before coming home and collapsing…

Oh and I got a little sunburned, on my lower front-of-thighs. Guess I should consider sunscreen. :-)

And my feet are officially, once again this summer, absurd:
Absurd Feet
Those are clean feet. That’s just tan, from my Keen sandals. Happened last summer too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, that’s about all the coherence I can pretend to; it’s off to bed.

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Date: 2014-08-06 23:04
Subject: BBQ Diary
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:bbq, food, home, mark

We bought some salmon.

(wild-caught Copper River sockeye, if I remember correctly.)

Mark always makes the salmon, and it’s always delicious, and who wants to mess with that?

Except, I’m so totally loving the barbecuing these days.

So…I had this recipe, that I’d never tried, for “smoked” salmon on the grill–utilizing mesquite chips, and putting all the coals at one end, and putting the salmon on foil at the other end, and closing the lid and leaving the vents only half-open, and grilling/smoking it for a long time (like 30-45 minutes).

So I tried it. But I kind of screwed up, because by the time it was (past) time to start on dinner, I read the recipe more carefully and realized I’d forgotten the “put salt and sugar on it and let it cure for an hour in the fridge” part.

So I skipped that, and just salted it, and added finely-chopped rosemary, and went with that.

And OH MY GOD the delicious!!!! It was insane. I am so totally making this again. And again and again and again. It was moist and creamy and perfect and insanely good. We sat there eating it and I kept saying, “This salmon! It’s amazing!” and Mark kept saying, “See if I ever cook again!”


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