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“Rolling Steel,” co-written with Jay Lake, will appear in Clarkesworld’s April 2009 issue.

I think I’ve finally figured out how this mentor thing works. :-)

In all seriousness–sooner or later I am going to write at some length about joint writing, because with these shorts and with Entangled, I’m writing much more jointly than solo these days. And it’s cool and fascinating and fun, but not only that–it’s different every time. I mean, of course it’s different with different co-authors, but even with the same co-author, each story process unfolds in its own unique way.

Hmm, kind of like writing in general.

Anyway–no time now, alas. I’m off to the DMV to get an updated registration that I can then take to the Department of Parking and Traffic to get my Neighborhood Area permit so that I don’t have to drive my car *farther away* from home to park it for the day, then walk back past my apartment again to go to work.

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