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How Galling. Or Not.

So, there’s been a bit of excitement around here.

Last night I turned the light out about 10pm and fell promptly asleep. Only to wake up at midnight with incredible pain in my abdomen–stomach region, left side below rib cage. No nausea, no vomiting, nothing like that–just pain.

Various home remedies did nothing, so soon I was on the phone to the Kaiser advice nurse, who told me to come on in to the emergency room.

So I called a cab and did so.

From 1:00 or so till about 5am, they were poking and prodding and taking blood and, well, other things. They gave me an EKG and two sonograms. The first sonogram indicated I maybe had a gallstone, but the second, more thorough one didn’t find anything. I was still in a lot of pain…so around 5 they gave me a shot of morphine.

Ahh… Then I actually slept a bit, or at least had weird opiate dreams with my eyes closed. Emergency rooms are not nice quiet places for healing and relaxation, let’s just put it that way.

Alas, [info]jaylake  was in Omaha, due to appear here Friday; he changed his flight and arrived this evening. Fortunately, the President of Glyptotronics was around and able to come and spend the day with me.

They finally sent me home mid-afternoon, with no diagnosis--everything checks out fine--and some pain pills, an anti-spasmodic, and antacid. The pain hasn't come back nearly so bad since the morphine shot, but it's all still fairly tender. And I'm exhausted. As if I missed a night of sleep or something.

Very strange.  Fingers crossed that we’ve seen the last of it, whatever it is. Was.

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