calendula_witch (calendula_witch) wrote,

Bugs Bugs Everywhere?

So maybe it is just bugs?

Jay update: Here, and then subsequent to that, a phone call informs me that the CT scan was clean (yay, no surgery tomorrow!), and they are now thinking Big Ole Viral Infection. So they are trying crackers, and pulling on their chins and going, Hmm.

Lab results from my doctor are also in: A whole string of numbers and letters that I’m going to take to work tomorrow to be translated into English, and a small note: “could be recent viral infection.”

The trouble with the “you both had the same weird virus” theory is that our symptoms, while superficially similar (trouble in the abdomen), were really quite different. I had the owie owie it’s killing me pain, but I was still normal hungry and all that. [info]jaylake had the (mild, then increasingly severe) discomfort and complete inability to eat.

So….weird bugs of varying flavors? I sure don’t know.

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