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Cat Brain

I used to live with a cat named Laura for whom everything was new, all the time. New and delightful. She was an indoor cat, so her world was pretty small. But she’d walk into the living room and her reaction was, “Oh! A new room! How cool! Let me explore it!” People–she loved people, all of them, old or new (no difference to her). And suppertime! Like Snoopy, that one was.

I used to envy her that attitude. How wonderful to be surprised and delighted every day, by the same old stuff!

So not all that long ago, I was given the outline of ENDURANCE to read. I read it, gave feedback, made comments, etc. Maybe I even read it twice. And we’re just talking like a month ago, something like that?

So now I’m reading dailies of ENDURANCE. I am riveted by the story, riveted! The things that are are happening are fresh and exciting–and completely surprising. Like I had NO IDEA that XYZ was going to happen at the end of today’s segment. I think I gasped aloud when I read it.

Cat brain: that’s me. Things go in, they fall right back out. But hey, if it worked for Laura…

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