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Back from the Land

I have returned from Points North and all manner of family-related activities. Everyone got to meet[info]jaylake; I do believe he passed muster. :-)

The visit featured, among other things: a trip to the land where I grew up and a swim in the Eel River; excellent potato salad; a driving tour of important geographical points in the witch history (high school and junior high school, Eastlick street, the several places I lived over the years); an explication of the history and potential future of the courthouse trees; and an animal kingdom including several energetic dogs, cats of varying degrees of friendly, mosquitoes, huge polliwogs, chickens, guinea fowl, tiny nibbling fish, and a Clydesdale.

The drive up there was riddled with so much construction and traffic and other madness that we decided to leave this morning earlier than originally planned. So of course I got him to SFO way ahead of schedule. Which, for a guy who writes in airports, is not the worst thing in the world. After a fond farewell, I left him to do just that, and came home to delve back into NIGHTCRAFT MOTHER.

Edited chapter 13 of that fine tome, which took longer than it should have, because I kept getting distracted by all this wonderful internet they have here in the big city, plus my iPhone decided it was time to fall apart and have to be Restored. This made me anxious, but it all seems to be okay now.

And…I have lots of re-entry and general weekend chores to do now, so I’d better have at it! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, if your country does that sort of thing.

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