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TGIF and Author Appearance Reminder

I know I was only at the Day Job half a week but it somehow seems like I did just as much work. Meh. But it’s Friday! And I’m out in a minute to a lovely dinner.

Reposting, as a reminder:
Come see jaylake and me at a reading and book signing party on Saturday, August 22, from 2-4pm for the GRANTS PASS anthology! We both have stories in this fine volume, which is a clever and dark postapocalyptic anthology with a very cool premise. Authors scheduled are: Jay Lake, Shannon Page, Seanan McGuire, James M. Sullivan and Jennifer Brozek.

Soulfood Books and Cafe
15748 Redmond Way
Redmond, Washington

There will be a dinner or something afterwards, TBD. Come hang out!

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