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On My Way Soon

I’ve been both busy and sort of low energy the last few days, so didn’t post yesterday and only wrote 1,000 words on OUR LADY…but now I am feeling better and starting to get excited about leaving tomorrow for THIS!


Tonight is Zombie Club, and we’re reading aloud (we’re sort of short on novels for critting these days, hmm). I’m going to read “Embers,” the collab that I drafted and Jay edited (and the one where I changed back a few of his edits). Most of his changes were golden, as usual; now I think the story is pretty good. I’m looking forward to hearing what it sounds like out loud–that’s always a different take.


And then tomorrow morning I fly to Portland, and from there we’ll drive northward. I am planning to take the computer, but don’t know how much keyboard time and connectivity I’ll have, so, have a great weekend, everyone!


And reposting here, in case you don’t want to click through the link and see the adorable picture:

Reading and book signing party this Saturday, August 22, from 2-4pm, for the GRANTS PASS anthology. Authors scheduled are: Jay Lake, Shannon Page, Seanan McGuire, James M. Sullivan and Jennifer Brozek.

Soulfood Books and Cafe
15748 Redmond Way
Redmond, Washington

Dinner to follow at 4:30 pm at Canyons in the Redmond Center - walking distance from Soulfoods. Booths across from the table for spill overs.

Redmond Center
15740 Redmond Way
Redmond WA 98052
Phone: 425-556-1390

Come and hang out!

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