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Whirlwind Tour

Back, briefly, at Nuevo Rancho Lake. I leave many hours prior to the crack of dawn tomorrow for SFO and the Witchnest….and then some more free lancery and some Christmas prep.

Seattle was so much fun, even if the drives up and back were rain-drenched and white-knuckle-driving-ish. tbclone47's birthday party was a blast... it was the first time for me that I've been in such a large group of writerly folks and I knew nearly all of them. I will forget many names, I know, so please forgive. But, briefly... I had a great time talking to criada; it was wonderful to see shelly_rae again, and to meet her cats later; it was also fantastic to get caught up with markferrari again; kenscholes and jensfire were there with the wonder twins; I sat with jkoke and karawynn and had fun and silly conversations; bravado111 gave us an ARC of Black Blade Blues, and Mrs. bravado111 had the day's best hat; jackwilliambell helped round out the superabundance of Jacks at our table; and scarlettina took embarrassing pictures to document it all.

tbclone47 had jaylake give a brief discussion of his novella The Specific Gravity of Grief, which Fairwood Press will be bringing out soon; he had a mockup of the cover art on display, which is gorgeous, utterly gorgeous, and very moving. And I say that with no bias whatsoever. Nope.

What a year it’s been.

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