calendula_witch (calendula_witch) wrote,

Out Out Damned Needle

We unplugged jaylake from the chemo pump this afternoon.

It was complicated, yet also straightforward. These are the instructions:

unpluggy instructions

You don’t need to read them, I’m just showing you how many steps are involved with pulling out a needle. :-)

We had to turn off the pump; wash our hands and put on gloves; pull off the tape (to great angst and agony on his part, and fervent promises to shave said skin before the next time); wipe things down; unhook other things; flush and wipe and unhook further and bandage and all manner of steps.

After shelly_rae flushed the line with saline, I flushed it with heparin:

Shootin Heparin

Ultimately, the needle came out:

Needle Out

Woo hoo!

Week 1 of 12, down. Further documentation over at jaylake’s place…

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Tags: cancer, chemo, jay
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