calendula_witch (calendula_witch) wrote,

"I'm Okay, Just Embarrassed"

Scene: Nuevo Rancho Lake, ten minutes ago. jaylake is dozing in his chair. calendula_witch lies down on the couch with a desperance novel, hoping for a little relaxation. jaylake wakes up, mumbles incoherently.

calendula_witch: How are you feeling?
jaylake: Um.
calendula_witch: Do you need some food?
jaylake: Food.

jaylake gets up, goes to kitchen, returns with a small carton of yogurt.

calendula_witch returns her eyes to her book. A confusing noise ensues. When she looks up, she sees something much like this, only covered with a LOT more yogurt:

calendula_witch: Oh my god!
jaylake: I'm okay, just embarrassed.
calendula_witch: [is laughing so hard as she starts to wipe up yogurt (from the chair, from his arm, from his pants, from the floor, from the afghan, from his shirt, etc etc), she almost forgets to take a photo]
Tags: food, funny, jay
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