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It's The Little Things, Or Sometimes They Are Big And Require Several People And A Handtruck

So I bought this house, see, and it's a lovely house, and I totally adore it, only it had a few things wrong with it, such as an electric stove (in an island in the center of the kitchen), and I really really really really really prefer gas stoves, so I had a little extra money to spend changing a few things in the house, so I bought a fantasmagorical gas stove (and in the process arranged to redo the island so as to be butcher-block-top, with drawers below, and put the stove where it makes more sense), so the result of that was that I had a perfectly serviceable electric stove sitting on my front porch--

--and that's no good, of course, so then some smart people realized that the stove here at Nuevo Rancho Lake was very old, and the oven doesn't work reliably, and the burners sat crooked, and (worst of all) it was Harvest Gold, so a very clever idea was born.

So today, the head workieperson, the_child, and I (myself in a largely supervisory capacity, I might add), organized the forces of the universe to create a much improved kitchen situation at the Rancho:

Happy birthday, jaylake. A bit late, but no less heartfelt. And I'm sorry about the scratches on your daughter. I'm sure she'll heal up just fine. :-)


Elsewise, today featured a lovely lunch with casacorona and kenscholes, after a totally fun showing of my construction-full and stuff-full house; stunningly gorgeous summer weather (what are you all SAYING, I'll regret moving here?? this is incredible!); the cabinetry and above-mentioned replacement island getting installed in my house; errands with the_child (in the Witchmobile, with the top down); and, hmm, I am now realizing, absolutely no down time at all. Perhaps I'll see to that now.

Tomorrow I'm off to Seattle for the Locus Awards, and a wedding with markferrari, where I will know no one except markferrari. Those are my favorite kind of weddings--I can just watch and enjoy, with no clue as to any underlying nuance or complication or drama. Because despite my past personal failings in that department, I do love weddings.
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