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Of Cookery

Today, jaylake drove himself over here and cooked me a fine meal.

Before that, I had betaken myself to the oh so very awesome Bed Bath & Beyond and made excellent use of their "welcome to the neighborhood 20% off everything" coupon, so the kitchen is now finally approaching well-stocked. And on the drive back, I turned a corner and suddenly there was Mt. Hood, in all its snowy glory.

I will *never* get tired of that. I know this because, despite nearly two decades of living in San Francisco, I never got over that moment where you round the corner on Clipper coming down from Portola and suddenly the entire bay and bridge and city panorama and Mt. Diablo is laid out before you. Just gorgeous.

Anyway.... a delicious pasta carbonara was prepared:

And cooked on the Fine New Stove:

And then thoroughly enjoyed. Om nom nom!


A few random observations:

-This house holds heat very, very well. That will be a good thing come wintertime, I suspect.

-My superpower *remains* choosing the right size tupperware. I proved that about six times tonight.


Oh and my new dresser arrived, the one with the crazy empty mirror-frame. Still haven't taken a photo of it. Will try and remember to do so! It's awesome, seriously awesome.
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