calendula_witch (calendula_witch) wrote,

Baby Steps

I remembered I'm a writer today.

Oh, I hadn't forgotten, really; but I hadn't written mumble--look over there! a dragonfly!)

Annnnyway...I opened up the story I've been working on, the backstory to Demonhead, and read it through. It's about 8,000 words so far, and not done yet; I'm not sure where it's going to end up, length-wise, or even if it's going to be a story on its own, though I'm writing it as such. It may just be work I need to do to figure out important stuff about the novel.

Even so: I read it, made some little changes, and it all started working in my head again. Just like that!

So, no new words today, but I know what I'm going to write tomorrow.

And god, it feels good to be getting writer-brain engaged again.


It was a nice day, even before that. jaylake and I drove around Portland with the sun on our shoulders (a bit too much sun, as it turned out; no real harm done, but we both needed naps upon our return to the nest). We availed ourselves of views and took pictures; had lunch; and did some shopping-but-not-buying. Oh, also, in the morning, we took his first walk since maybe March. Baby steps, all the way: us both writing again (him way more than me, 7,000 words in the last few days); him with more strength and stamina every day.

Finally, oh yes finally.
Tags: chemo, demonhead, driving, jay, stories, weather
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