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Back at home in the nest, after a really nice quiet couple of days. It was just an overnight, at the beach with jaylake's parents, and the_child; but the R&R value was high. And I couldn't ask for better, more generous and understanding traveling companions than Jay and the Child: they not only waited patiently whilst I antique-shopped, but they totally got on the task when I bought a piece of furniture rather too large for the Genre car (a two-drawer dresser for the guest room). And endured all uncomplainingly the three-hour drive back home with the convertible top down so that the darn thing could fit in the back seat, cramming the Child into the corner. Once here, the_child lifted it out of the car single-handedly, then helped me carry it upstairs and put it together. Way, way above and beyond the call of duty. :-)

So, yes: a very good little mini-vacation. My life recently has been far too much of the Not Quiet. It was truly a good thing to step off the wheel, even for a short while, and take stock. And rest. And be Quiet.

Back on the wheel tomorrow: I'm accompanying jaylake up to Seattle, where he will have Day Jobbery to attend to and I will spend some time with markferrari. We return on Tuesday; Wednesday, we meet with the liver surgeon and find out what the shape of our lives for the next while will be.

And that's the news from here.
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