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Back Up Above

In LAX, anyway, awaiting the last leg of the journey. Fortunately we can sit in the Masters of the Universe lounge, not out with the common riff-raff, as we have first class seats on the LAX-PDX leg.

As opposed to the Melbourne-Auckland leg, where we were squeezed into the smallest airplane seats I've ever been in (outside of a private plane).

The Big Hop wasn't bad at all--business class, and we were very comfy in our reclining seats. And managed to stay awake to be fed this time, too; and then managed to sleep, more or less. The flight was pretty turbulent, which kept waking me up. Oh yes my bed will feel good tonight. Assuming the ground stays still.

The worst part is landing, when flying with a we came into LAX, I was truly feeling like I needed to stick a needle into my left ear to relieve the pressure. That could hardly have felt worse than what I was already feeling....eventually the ear popped, but they're both still pretty stuffy (as is my nose). One more flight. Then, no more planes, for a while anyway.

So: tired, but happy to be so close to home. Very ready to unpack and settle in and crash. :-)
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