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Surgery Schedule

jaylake and I spent all afternoon at the clinic, as one does. Either I was getting loopier and loopier from sleep deprivation, or each successive person we saw was just a little bit weirder.

Be that as it may, we now can haz schedule:

We show up at the hospital at 6am tomorrow for a scheduled 7:30am surgery start. The procedure itself should last 3-4 hours, and a nurse will call me every hour or so while it's in process, with updates. Once he comes out, he'll be in recovery for an hour or two; I can see him after that. He'll spend one night in the ICU (even though the surgeon said that was probably "huge overkill"), then move to a regular room some time on Friday.

Once he's in his regular room, he'll be available for visiting--and will want visitors. I'll post the room number when we have it.

We're hoping for a Monday discharge, but that will depend on the usual: pain levels, resumption of normal digestive processes throughout.

Heh. "The usual." Sadly, major surgery is becoming fairly routine for Jay.

Anyway, that's the state of things now...he has gone to spend some time with the_child, and will return here for the oh-so-euphemistic "bowel prep" and a very early bedtime, for lo, tomorrow morning arrives quite early. I am going to take a Lorazepam and hope it works this time, because I will have to be getting up round about the time I'm usually just drifting off for a few hours of crappy sleep these days. (And thank you, all, for your sympathy and suggestions! I have tried melatonin; I can feel the effects, sort of; but it doesn't put me to sleep all that well. I am reassured by everyone's reassurances that jetlag truly can last this long. It's better than the alternative explanation, which is that MY SLEEP IS BROKEN I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN OMG I'M GOING TO DIE.)

Ahem. Right. More news when I have it, then....
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