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Stepmom took pictures at Thanksgiving and sent them along to me...herewith, I post a few.

Gathered round the table. (Half-brother took this one, he is the only one you can't see.) From left, clockwise: the_child, markferrari, Mom, Stepmom, Stepdad, tillyjane aka Jay's mom, me, jaylake (partially obscured), Dad, Brother.

Half-brother and Stepdad, and the turkey on the Weber. Yum!

Me and Mom.

jaylake and Elmo.

Brother and Dad, and mashed potatoes.

the_child, and some sleepy brothers.


Tomorrow jaylake and I are headed to the coast for the weekend...internet may be iffy, so if you don't hear from us for a few days, that's why. Stay dry! We won't. :-)
Tags: family, home, jay, mark, travel
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