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Spring in the Aquarium - Fruit of the Vine
Here There Be Goblins

Date: 2013-04-27 22:46
Subject: Spring in the Aquarium
Security: Public
Location:Witchnest Manor
Tags:fish, friends, garden

Everything’s blooming in the garden, and in the aquarium too! Here’s an underwater lily:

Aquarium lily
(phallic much?)

Alas, the other flowering plants we bought didn’t make it. But here’s the Beatrice, looking lovely as she enjoys tonight’s algae tab:

Beatrice Dining


Busy day, battling back the forces of entropy. Plus I met an old friend for breakfast–someone for whom I used to babysit, back in high school. (I mean, I babysat her daughter, who was an infant then, and is now 30!, and a professional in a big city, and going to be married!) Egad. But it was lovely to get caught up, and see photos of the former-infant.

It’s one thing to know that time goes by; it’s another to see it so tangibly. :-)

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Queen of the Skies
User: queenoftheskies
Date: 2013-04-28 14:05 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Are plants in an aquarium as difficult to keep alive as fish?
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calendula_witch: Morning Glory
User: calendula_witch
Date: 2013-04-29 05:13 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Morning Glory
It varies, just as the fish do--some plants are just impossible to keep alive; some are impossible to kill (duckweed!).

I'm also learning not to buy terribly expensive fish. :-) Or to name them. Except for the Beatrice (and she's Beatrice II, actually...)
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