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Research and Flowers and Dads

As I think I mentioned the other day, I am rereading Kalimpura (after finishing rereading Endurance) as I finish the rewrite of Our Lady of the Islands. Because they are in (different parts of) the same world, and I want to at least not get it jarringly wrong.

It’s…odd…to read these books. Especially right now. Jay wrote Kalimpura in October and November of 2010, during the worst of our struggles. (We broke up in December of 2010.) I see stuff in the book now that probably neither of us were consciously aware of, but which is painfully obvious now.

I can’t speak about the book as craft, as literature; I have way too much baggage around it all. Of course. But I’d like to think that Our Lady is a more….considered offering. Coming from a calmer place.

And I am still deeply saddened that he will not get to see it. It’s still the story he and I imagined, down to its many particulars; but it’s very different from the first draft we created.

And it’s soooooooo close now. The climax is written; just the last few mopping-up scenes to write, and it’s off to the editor! Whew. Well, almost-whew. :-)_____________

In other news: the hydrangeas are coming!

Just starting to blue up. It’ll be lovely when they’re in full force.

And Happy Father’s Day to Dad and Stepdad!
Dad & Keith

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